The First One

It must be the very same thing for every (new) blogger: posting the first text on a new blog. You somehow just know that this text is going to be rather boring, but one has to say such things like: Hey, Hi, Hello, this is me and my new blog and I hope you’ll enjoy it. Please visit my blog frequently and leave your comments below. Thank you.

Well, I cannot deny that it is really different with me. So, here it is.


My name is Dana, I am 18 years old and I write this blog, because I want to improve my English (writing) skills. I am from Switzerland and English is a foreign language to me. I started learning English about six years ago and now I am a student in English (and German) at university. More about why I keep this blog is explained on the ‘About this Blog‘ page and if you would like to know more about me, visit the ‘About Dana‘ site. Thank you.

As I also mention on the ‘About this Blog’ page I will kindly receive any corrections concerning my English. Feel free to play teacher. ;) Just comment below or write an email to me (dana.winvalley(at)


About Dana Winvalley

I am an 18-year-old student of English and German at university. I love music, books, dogs, art and other things, as well. In my spare time I write this blog to refine my English skills and to share my learning experiences and tips with other (language) learners.


  1. Welcome. Just write. Enjoy the adventure!

  2. You’ll never get to Hogwarts without starting…blogging like that too. Might be surprised how high you can fly – and the magic around….

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