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I was a 7-year-old girl. We were travelling in our car and had the radio on as always. There it all started. Little did I know that a single radio programme can change one’s life like that. But it can. The radio programme was about the publishing parties for the fourth book of the Harry Potter series (that was in 2000) all over the world and especially in Switzerland. I was amazed by the whole excitement people showed for books.

My next wish (I cannot remember if for Christmas or my Birthday) was Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. I was truly happy when there was a book in the rectangular parcel I got. I went upstairs and began to read – and didn’t understand the story (although it was written in German and I was a practiced reader by then). So I stopped. There it could have ended. But it did not.

The first film came out (in 2001) and discussions about it were rather popular in the media. My parents went to the cinema with me and we watched it together as a family. I was enchanted. I went back home and started to read immediately. It was a fascinating world which there opened its gates to let me in. I was 8 years old by then. There lay three long years ahead of me in which I would wait for my Hogwarts letter to come. Years of ultimate hope and great reading experiences.

It never came.

I wondered why.

Probably because I was living in Switzerland? Probably because I could not speak English? Oh, yes, that must have been the reason. (Although going to a Swiss Wizarding School would have been enough for my 11-year-old self. Truly! I was sure there would be a Swiss school, because of Beauxbatons and Durmstrang. Those could not be the only ones!)

That is why I was eager to learn English. I energetically went to my first English lesson and kept working, learning, reading et cetera to polish my English. I had a great teacher who taught me so many important things. And in my mind there always was the enchanting world of Harry Potter. Now I am an English student at university and would like to become an English teacher myself (or a Hogwarts student…if that would be possible after those long, longing, years).

Picture Credits: ‘Keep Calm and Harry Potter‘ by emilyonasunday uploaded on flickr.com. Some rights reserved (Creative Commons).


About Dana Winvalley

I am an 18-year-old student of English and German at university. I love music, books, dogs, art and other things, as well. In my spare time I write this blog to refine my English skills and to share my learning experiences and tips with other (language) learners.


  1. Wow! HP helped you with your language, tits the first time i have heard of this.

  2. Rowling writes very well – and such an intriguing story that charmed so many. She might appreciate your story – try sending it to her (maybe in care of her publisher?) Nice post.

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