How to Learn with Vocabulary Stories

This idea on how one could memorise new vocabulary came across my mind some weeks ago. It happened that I was learning some new vocabulary with my index card system when I thought about ‘activate’ the process of my learning a bit more by using the words actively. I came up with the idea of writing short texts with the new vocabulary in order to put them into a context and thereby to simplify the process of learning them.

I reckon that using vocabulary in an active way is the only approach to seal vocabulary into one’s active lexicon. By simply learning vocabulary by heart, however, one tends to know words only passively, I guess. Therefore, I want to try this new method out for some time. Hopefully, I will get to some conclusion at the end. Whether it will be a good or a bad method (for me) I (or we) will see. :)

My first attempt is the following. I tried to keep it logical and fluent. The vocabulary used in this text are from the book The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck which I read last year. The new vocabulary which I want to learn is indicated in bold.

Because of the locusts, this year’s crop turned out rather paltry. The scanty harvest made hundreds of people suffer hunger. The rich ones who had enough to eat could watch this development quite placidly until they were attacked. Parsimony was their downfall. People lashed them until they would give some food to them (the starving village population). Some of the attacked still have welts on their faces and bodies. People were not finicking about the food – they just took what they could lay their hands on. The crowd could only be soothed with more food.


About Dana Winvalley

I am an 18-year-old student of English and German at university. I love music, books, dogs, art and other things, as well. In my spare time I write this blog to refine my English skills and to share my learning experiences and tips with other (language) learners.


  1. That’s a great idea! I might try that out myself! I’m really the kind of person that can’t learn new vocabulary from learning long lists (heh, alliteration XD) of words… So this might actually prove to be a good method for learning some new vocabulary :)

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